Missionary School – Complete Guide to Missionary Schools

Missionary School – Complete Guide to Missionary Schools

The main focus of missionary training school is to raise labourers to serve among the unreached people groups that are coming to North America. Missionary Training generally starts from January through August or December. The topics included by the Missionary schools are world religions,  intercessory prayer, community development, spiritual warfare, praise/worship, contextualization, church planting, language learning, team dynamics, knowing God’s will, spiritual gifts, evangelism, cultural adaptation, discipleship, New Testament survey, storytelling, oral communication, tent-making (BAM), mobilization, support raising, etc. Christian Missionaries play an important role in the development of the country. Missionary schools play an important role by giving the biggest contribution in establishing Educational institutions. Christian and convent schools were started during the British times with the intention of providing quality education to the masses.

  • The Missionary Schools work not only on the intellectual, cultural and physical development of a child but also on developing the character of a child inculcating the moral principles. The Missionary Schools also help our community to grow economically by providing the education to Economically Weaker Sections in the nearby areas after the School hours. The Missionary schools are affiliated with CBSE curriculum and offer classes from nursery to 12th standard.

The Missionary school prepares the students for entry to college and universities and trains them for various competitive exams.

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