When will Nursery Admissions start in Delhi?

When will Nursery Admissions start in Delhi?

The Nursery Admission generally starts in the last week of the month of December. The Applicants can apply either by the online mode or the offline mode. For the online mode of Nursery Admission, the parents can directly apply from the School’s website or the website given by the Govt. and for offline mode Parents can buy the Admission Form from the Schools.

After the registration of the Applicants, Students will be shortlisted on the basis of the Points earned (Points are given according to the laws made by the Govt.). Around two to three lists of the students shortlisted are released every year.

It is not mandatory to buy the prospectus; Parents just need to buy the Admission Form for both online mode and offline mode. Rs. 25 is taken as the Admission Registration fee (for open quota). It is not refundable and it is same for every category say EWS/ Disadvantaged group of Category.

The Admission for Nursery Class ends in the third week of February and the submission of documents starts at the moment when the List of shortlisted students is issued.

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