How To Develop Reading Habits

How To Develop Reading Habits

Reading is one of the good habits that we can cultivate in ourselves from our childhood. Reading books, however, is recommended not just for augmenting once knowledge. It provides a sort of pleasure which is not available anywhere else. When a person starts reading a good novel such as one by Dickens or a fictional story such as Ruskin Bond one cannot leave the book till the story is finished. It is a well-known fact that many people in India are not interested in reading. Most of people read-only if required. Superstitions play a vital role in our country. We consider reading as a difficult task but if we take it as a hobby, we will find it enjoyable rather than a difficult task. If this skill is generated in children from the beginning it can give fruitful results. When a child is taught to read, he comes across
new words which helps to increase his vocabulary and he also learns many literary devices. Reading resolves stress, increases knowledge and gives mental peace. To develop reading habits first we must choose the subject of our choice, as it makes reading interesting. One can fix a proper time and place. It should not be a punishment. One must enjoy whatever he/she reads. Reading is the same as any other skill. Take an example of a sportsperson who works very hard every day but still doesn’t get tired of it as he/she enjoys every bit of it. Similarly, once we start reading things that we have an interest in, we will never get tired of reading.

When a child reads a simple story, he has to remember the characters, plot, dialogues etc. It is a kind of exercise for our brains. A book is a journey to an unknown world. One who loves to read is addicted to reading because of pleasure he/she gets from it. Reading a few pages everyday helps in concentration which is essential for academic.

As it is rightly said that Today’s Reader is Tomorrow’s Leader; so, this habit of reading should be inculcated in children from the very beginning as they are the future of our country.

Reading should not be presented to children as a burden or duty but it should be presented to them as a precious gift.

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