Parenting- Singularly

Parenting- Singularly

As a child, who wouldn’t want both the parents! As they say, it is the love, warmth and caress of a mother and the guidance, protection and fostering of a father that a child requires in order to grow up as a healthy individual. But the modern world calls for holistic parenting no matter where it is coming from. Though one cannot substitute any parent whether a father or a mother but if the affection and values are inculcated in the right manner
and in the requisite amount by either of them, then the right upbringing is being catered to.

The notion that a single parent can’t fulfil all the needs of a child is nothing but a myth or a hyped concept. It is said that the child lacks either emotionally or psychologically in his development, which is not the case
anymore. With the increase in divorce rates, the children are often subjected to healthy parenting rather than addressing it as single parenting. Both the parents, amicably divide the responsibility or even if that is not
the case, a single mother or a father caters to all the needs of the child. Though one cannot compete with the lacuna of having both the parents by their side but any which way the child learns the ways of the world quite early. They tend to be more mature and responsible and serious about their life as compared to the usual children of their age group. The chances of them being spoilt are quite bleak too.

If one looks from the parent’s perception, challenges and hurdles are bound to occur but they are sure to overcome within a passage of time. The tweeter generation along with the Facebook generation understands this concept quite well. A lot of supportive services have come up to assist them in the process. Whether its daycare, creche, child care services, playdates, babysitting, insightful cameras or a spree of apps to keep a watch on children while out; they all are gaining popularity.

The primitive thought of considering single mothers as vulnerable or single fathers as opportunists have gone for a toss. It is a new age with a new ideology where the strength of the women and the stability of the men are
not questioned. Taking care of the child is not a cakewalk but it is being done with precise care and specific details. Neither physical, psychological nor emotional requirements are compromised in the process. No matter
even if it is only one parent, it is done in the same manner, had it been under the upbringing of both the parents. The taboo attached is no more a stigma. It is a perception which has changed and transformed and within a few years, it will be nothing but a practice of the past. When you determine to overcome a hurdle, it becomes a road of new undertakings, a revolution to pace up the world for a brighter and better future and progressive approach towards a new tomorrow.

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