Importance of Guidance and Counselling in a Student’s Life

Importance of Guidance and Counselling in a  Student’s Life

It is said that school is the second home of a child, therefore, the role of the teacher is equal to the role of a parent. One of these roles is giving proper guidance to the child. Guidance is the process of helping individuals to discover and develop their educational, vocational and psychological potentialities. Guidance and Counselling are two sides of the coin which are important as this both help in shaping a child’s future. Guidance and counselling are important for children and schools to have a huge role in bringing out the best in children. Children who are the future of our country, they have to be guided for better prospects. Good conduct is coveted but sometimes young Minds need guidance to polish their personality through counselling. Proper counselling will help incorporate valuable lessons in their daily life. 

Especially in India, children are under extreme stress, trauma and anxiety due to examinations, where children are pressurized to perform extraordinarily. So, to prevent the above scenario, proper guidance is given to them so that they can overcome these problems. For example, after secondary level schooling, children are asked to choose a particular stream which is a difficult task for the young minds, so in that case guidance and proper counselling from the experienced, plays a key role in helping them choose the right path. That’s why nowadays, almost every school is hiring professional counsellors and mentors to guide the students on the selection of courses and different career paths. It is important to prepare them for life after school and what to expect different fields they opt for. The students are advised how to cope up with different situations they tend to face in their school life.

Through counselling, students are advised on how to deal with emotional conflicts and personal problems as well. 

Every child is special and unique in its own way as each child has one quality of the other. So through proper counselling, a healthy relationship can be established between a student and a teacher. Lastly, united we stand and divided we fall, so guidance in collaboration with proper counselling helps in shaping a child’s personality.


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