2020 – A Year of Regeneration

2020 – A Year of Regeneration

“As long as you don’t die, there’s hope and as long as there’s hope, there’s a possibility and as long as there’s a possibility, you must continue to live.” Quoted in an animation series. But well said!! Isn’t it? Why we want everything as planned by us? Why a sudden blockage shudders us? Why winding up inside our houses felt like a pause???

Kashmir was in lockdown till 2019 from 1947! Our secret agents remain in lockdown for years! The human race is in lockdown since eternity!! And we, few months of lockdown have been as we were in exile! During the last few months, we cribbed, we nagged, we were dazed, we condemned, we did everything a dire hard pessimist would do. But we forgot to look at the brighter picture.

While we stayed at home, nature healed on its own. Whether it was otters who were supposedly on a family tour, or dolphins who returned to shore, or a gaggle of geese found on a runway, or pigeons swarming all around on busy roads, or deer trotting on city lanes. The nature regenerated. Seas were cleaner, rivers were pious again, mountains were visible, stars gazing was possible, all while staying back at home inside the four walls! Probably no one has ever thought of that! Ever pondered how they must be living in cages!

While we stayed at home, we learnt to appreciate family. Having started to spend more quality time with them, playing old inhouse games, cherishing moments spent together. Starting to give
importance to the granted, enjoying the quiet, valuing the small talks, understanding the worth of relationships, going lax with a calm soul.

While we stayed at home, we learnt a lot!! Not just through online classes but it was the time to enhance our knowledge, upgrade our skills. While few tend to their old hobbies, the others learnt
something new, or few did what they always wanted to!! They opened the pandora of desires and fulfilled each wish which they ever craved for!

What a fine way to rejuvenate!

While we stayed at home, a lot happened inside! We dwelled, and dwelled and dwelled! Over what? Something about our own self! Something about being humans! Yes, we brooded over our self, our plans, our future. Wondered over our actions and startled over our past, amazed over our future.

Why do we see it as a dark patch on life, a black day of history but why not as a period of healing?? A time to think out loud, a moment to snap away from the mundane; a brief respite from the rat race; somewhat what a rat trap seeker once said, “The whole world was nothing but a big rattrap. It had never existed for any other purpose than to set baits for people. It offered riches and joys, shelter and food, heat and clothing, exactly as the rattrap offered cheese and pork and as soon as anyone let himself be tempted to touch the bait, it closed on in him, and then everything came to an end.”

Every engine requires servicing, every battery requires recharging, the human body also needs sleep. A lot has undergone a great transformation; relationships with family, extended family, friends, our own self. So, let’s just see the silver lining in the black cloud and appreciate a brief pause before we head start again! PAUSE, REWIND, PLAY!!

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