How To Select Perfect School for your Child

How To Select Perfect School for your Child

We know that the role of a parent is critical in terms of child upbringing. The first role of a parent is to take care of their child’s needs, provide a safe and secure environment, support motivation, and to teach and educate their child. No two children are the same. Each child is unique in its own way. So, they need to be treated differently. Other than Parents and home, School is a second home for Children. Where you reach depends upon how you start.

A parent’s first concern is his/her child’s education in the best possible way. Here are the 20 ways to choose Best School for your child:-


  1. Analysis

A parent should analyse the strength & weaknesses of his/her child. Areas where he/she needs improvement. Does the child need extra care & attention, is the child a slow learner, or the child is a prodigy and needs the best guidance to enhance his personality? Be honest with your facts. Now you can list out the schools that answer your queries



Are you ready to spend 2 hours of your child in travelling from home-School-Home and think that’s not worth it? A tiny tot whose day at school was full of joy, happiness, once reaches home after tiring. The journey becomes sad, lethargic and tiresome. Perhaps your decision of giving the best environment fails.

Schools in the neighbourhood may psychologically provide you satisfaction about your child’s safety and security. Moreover, it is easily accessible to you too and saves important time & Energy as well


3. Safety

Child’s safety is the biggest concern of a parent. With the world getting bigger, it is a fact that you will not always be able to guard your child. SO, we should imagine all the possible areas in school where you need to guide your child to keep himself safe. A parent should inquire about the safety measures taken by schools like camera, female staff, bus tracking system, guards, etc. Check whether schools have a demo for bus tracking system as many schools provide useless bus tracking. Enquire whether the school is particular about handing over the child to parents only.  Almost all schools accept lunch boxes in between the school which is a wrong practice. Do enquire that too? Is there a separate washroom for visitors or not in school you wish to admit your child.

4. Curriculum

In your child’s overall development it’s not only the environment that matters but also the curriculum of a school. You need to consider a few points:

  • curriculum should ignite the curiosity of a child.
  • That encourages children to be academically inquisitive.
  • That builds the future.
  • curriculum not only helps a child to overcome his weakness in reading and writing but also in communication skills.

Today CBSE syllabus is internationally approved and maximum schools are using the same curriculum. On the basis of above-given points, you can choose a school. Curriculum refers to the nature of content taught in a school. That can change young minds into well-rounded individuals. That can encourage students to express themselves orally as well as written.


5. Teaching Methodology & Teaching Equipment

Only teachers are not important – How teachers teach in the class is equally important. Use of Smart Classes like educomp, next education, pearson, tata edge etc. Schools with Projects & Computers in every classroom and labs should be preferred. Teaching with the help of videos and graphics have proven to be very effective in various researches.


6. Principal & Administrators


Principal & Administrators are the captains of the school. For how long Principal & Admins are associated with the school is important. Qualification and experience of principal & administrators matter a lot. Principals promoted from teachers should be preferred as they know everything about the schools and are able to manage the school properly. Check if principal & Administrators are easily accessible or not for parents. There are various good schools with the Good principal but they are not at all accessible to parents then there is no use of the expertise of that principal.


7. Teachers


Teachers Qualification, teaching experience are important aspects of any school. There are various school who have hired chartered accountants. IITians for senior secondary classes or have them in the panel as expert teachers. You should look for the same before selecting any school.


8. Awards


A school is recognised by its achievement in different fields Be it academic, sports or cultural, a selector must observe the number of awards won by the school. Do the schools have state/national awardee teachers? Are the teachers professionally trained in their field with acknowledgement? Is the school among top schools of your area? Has the school been awarded? Do students bring laurels to school in the field of academics and co-curricular? Are students able to clear IIT/JEE main or medical in huge number? Is the school being ranked by Govt. of Delhi in academic or cultural or sport? Do the topmost management of the schools exhibit praiseworthy achievement or award? Are the students been felicitated by Govt. of Delhi.

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9. Result


The result of a school usually depends upon the type of curriculum, a school and its dedicated staff have. How do we consider a particular school as good or bad? The answer usually revolves around academic and co-curricular activities. Board results of classes 10th & 12th decide the fortune of a school parent is guided to see a school’s past three years academic results. Are all children able to secure a respectable percentage in boards? Percentage of students who have cleared IIT JEE Mains & advance/ Medical matters for every school.


(A) Board Result : Parents are required to explore:  How focused is the school towards the best result of their students? What efforts do the school make to overcome any weak area in any subject? Are the parents being informed about the performance of their wards? Does the school believe in distributing marks in the internal examination?

It has been observed that schools show leniency in the internal examination and thus assures the parents that the child is doing well. Always make sure that your child should fight for marks with teachers. You should be happy with schools who don’t entertain “charity of marks”. Also, examine the previous years’ result of the school of X and XII. Schools with Passing marks as 40-45 in internal exams should be preferred instead of school with 33 marks as passing criteria


(B) IIT/JEE/ Medical: You must be well aware of the aim of your child. If your ward desires to be  CA, engineer or a doctor, you should observe and ensure whether the school is well equipped of all means required for the same. Do schools give importance to competitive examinations other than board exams? Are there any tie-ups with coaching institutes like Aakash, VMC, FITJEE, Studymate and many other which can help your child achieve his dreams. Before coming to conclusion check the result of IIT/JEE mains or medical of different schools. Analyse, compare and then select a school. How many students have cracked IIT/JEE mains advance or medical will ensure that school not only focuses on board exams but also encourages students in building their careers.


10. Zonal Competitions


Competitions in school offer opportunities to inspire pupils to engage with subjects in more depth, offering rewards as encouragement. School level competitions are generally planned by almost all schools, but coming to inter-school participation, do the schools really take the pain for their students to enhance their skills and prepare them to face any level or degree of competitive activities? Before selecting a school aspect whether the school is an active participant in zonal competitions organised by govt. of Delhi in various fields like music, dance, debate, yoga, sports, science etc. Participation is not enough, are the schools really desperate to win such competitions? and are they really concerned in making strategies for better performance of their children? Also, check if the schools are being ranked by Delhi govt or not. Do the school felicitate their winners with awards as encouragement?


11. Activities


Co-curricular activities are an essential part of the school curriculum. With the help of activities, a student is encouraged to come out of his shell. A child’s introversion or shyness can be overcome by making him participate in different activities in the school.

Parents must ensure what activities are opted by the school for overall development of a child. Activities can be fun-filled as well as learning.

Fun filled activities involve a non-formal type of answering of questions that do not have much to do with concepts or knowledge for example- Horse riding, karate, yoga, painting, swimming, games, music, dance, theatre, plantation and many more excursions, pottery, magic shows, puppet shows etc. Learning activities are the activities where learning of a concept or procedure is embedded in an activity for eg. Debate, Declamation, Quiz, Poetry Recitation, Creative Writing etc.

You should know amply well that at the end of the day, no matter what the strength of the school, the size of the campus and the extent of the facilities a school provides but what is happening in the school makes all the difference.


12. Website


In today’s world website is one of the mirrors of the school – You can check out the website technology, content and other things. Good schools will always have good websites with proper design and information. Online form submission, job applications, contact information all must be properly there in the website. You should also check the reviews of the school on Google, Facebook,, These reviews will give you a basic idea about the school and you should properly read all the reviews in the last 1-2 years for getting an idea about the school. School can have 5-star rating but number of persons giving a review to the schools are also important.


13. Own Transportation & Tracking System


Schools should have their own transport system. Many Schools outsourced the transportation work to private transporters and that leads to a big flaw in security and at the time of crisis school will pass their responsibility to the private transportation system. These private transports do not engage in Ethical practices and police verification of drivers, conductors are a big concern. These private transportation do not have tracking systems as well – online tracking is very important from the safety & Convenience point of view. Always ask for the demo of online tracking as many schools just only brag about the tracking system but in reality, the system does not work at all. Always ask for the demo. Schools with their own transport fleet and tracking system should be preferred. We are not in favour of Air-conditioned Buses as these buses make children more sensitive and do not make them rough & tough.


14. Communication Channels


Communication Channels – Do they have their own domain email ID or normal Gmail ID – Do they reply on emails properly and promptly or not – do they have recorded IVR Call System or not? These things should be also taken into consideration before selecting the school. The school with Own Domain Email Id, With Proper IVR Call Recording System and School with swift Reply on calls & Mails should be preferred


15. Zero Period or Activity Period


Education and competitions are closely related. Competitions enhance educational outcomes. Before you select a school, take a quick review on how the school plan their strategy to promote creative, cultural and sports activity in school? Check how children are allowed to do activities of their choice? Do the schools introduce zero periods under the special supervision of instructors? Is zero period according to you beneficial as the child’s crucial period will not be missed? Analyse whether your child’s talent can be noticed and bloomed by the school.

16. Laboratories


Laboratories in school provide students with conceptual and theoretical knowledge of a particular subject. Important labs required in school are Computer labs, Physics lab, Chemistry lab and Biology labs. Other than these labs are of least importance as there is the provision of smart classes in schools to enhance the subjective knowledge. Often schools market their institution by promoting labs and other things that are directly of no use for the children. They show off thus entice parents and charge a high fee for nothing. Differentiate such schools and beware of such temptations. Find out whether computer labs in a school run with 1:1 ratio. Is chemistry lab well equipped? Keeping these points in mind you can select a school.


17.  Co-Curricular



  • Yoga: With the advancement of technology, children today are found busy playing games either on computer or mobile. Therefore, they are suffering from several health problems at a very early age. Secondly, children are suffering from posture problems too. Lack of physical exercise at home leads to such problems. Here yoga is the only solution. Yoga is a spiritual practice originated in ancient India. Only yoga lovers can guide their children at home. Rest is the responsibility for the school. Few schools think that making yoga as compulsory physical exercise in school is like forcing something unwanted on the students. You must know the advantages of yoga and how it can help your child overcome/improve asthma, eyesight, concentration etc. and prefer schools who believe in keeping yoga on first priority. Check, whether school students perform yoga at zonal, district or state level competition. Also, investigate whether the school lies within top three positions in yoga among schools in Zonals Competitions by Govt. of Delhi.




  • Music  : Music is the essence of life. Nearly everybody enjoys either to listen or sing or play an instrument. Despite this many schools do not lay much emphasis on music education. Search a school where you find music periods. Check if the school is awarded by various organisations like- Bharat Vikas Parishad, Anuvrat or by Department of Delhi Govt. Has any student from the school reached till national level in music? Also, find out whether music education in the school starts from the very beginning?



18. School tie-ups

In order to bring revolution in the teaching and learning of the core subjects as well as sports, various school have joined hand with different companies of proficiency to guide the children in a better way. Investigate, whether the school is tied up with the best company for smart classes for eg. Educomp, Next Education, Tata smart classes, ByJu’s etc. Are schools having tie-ups with any coaching institute like Vidyamandir, FIITJEE, Aakash for better preparation of entrance examinations.

Games lay a major role in a child’s life and if any school has collaborated with any company who provide innovative services and training for eg.- stunning tots, jumping jelly tots, etc.


19.Health & Hygiene

Children spend around one-third of their time in school and they need a safe, secure and hygienic environment. Parents must consider schools who give weightage to good sanitation in and around the school. All schools have washrooms but ensure are girls washroom separate and far from boys washroom? Are the washroom cleaned time to time in a day? Do the schools have a separate washroom for visitors? Is there the provision of a water cooler and do they have RO system? Is washroom equipped with soaps and other amenities? Is there sufficient cleaning staff? Is dustbin provided in all classrooms and washrooms? Are sanitary napkins provided to girls in the school? Do check whether there is a nurse available in the medical room? Monitor, if parents are time to time informed about the unhygienic condition of the child.

20. Helping Staff


Helping/ supporting staff in a school plays a vital role in ensuring safety and security of children. We usually ignore this basic part of a school. A compassionate maid or a sweeper may help along with the teacher to overcome a child’s fear in joining a new school. You must inquire about their behaviour and character before selecting a school. Also, make sure whether police verification is done for these staff or not. Check the previous record of the school. Old, stable and trustworthy drivers, peons, conductors, maids, sweepers etc. in a school provide peace of mind to you. Check whether helpers on duty are careful and compassionate enough. Do they call you if you don’t reach the bus stop on time? Check the licence of the drivers too.


21.Social Responsibility 

Look out for schools who are actively participating in awareness programs, Nukkad Natak, Swacch Bharat Campaign, Street Play. Rally for Social Awareness. These kinds of event help children to become responsible children and show the attitude of school towards the society


22. Day Trips & Excursions

Generally, Excursions are to refresh a child’s mind and give him a little boost towards his studies and his growth. Schools with a good count of yearly Day-outing and excursions should be preferred. Take care that rather than taking children to the Non- Learning Trips such as outstation trips. The School organises the visits to learning places such as Museums, Science Exhibitions, Factories, etc. Check about the places where the Events and the trips are organised because it actually gives a large effect on your wards creative things and builds the child’s thinking power to explore the world in a very positive way.


23.Social media PagesHighly recommended for parents to check out Social Media pages of the school Especially Facebook page.

Social Media pages will give you an overview of the daily activities and events happening in the school. You can check the facebook page for events, Activites organised by the school over a period of time and check out the level at which events and activities are organised by the school. You will get to know about any achievement and awards won by the school in the last 1-2 years. You can also check out youtube page for the videos of the school.


24. Prospectus 

We recommend Parents to read the complete prospectus of the school, Try to learn about the management, Awards and achievements of the school. Through prospectus, you will be able to know the vision of the School along with various other features. The prospectus should be Well Designed and branded. Look out for the Online prospectus if possible. We give extra preference to the school which have their Digital Prospectus on their website.

25.Online Registration Process.

There are many schools which are still processing only offline forms and they have not been able to move ahead with the advanced technology. if a school is still processing offline form then parents should themselves think about this that if a school is not able to adapt simple online registration process, will they be able to prepare the child for the future Challenges. Schools with online processing on their own website instead of the 3rd Party should be preferred by the parents.

All the above-mentioned tips can really help you in selecting the right School. Making right choice of School is as important as laying a strong foundation of a New House. In a nutshell, keeping all the points in mind, prioritize your desires and then select the School to make your child an all-rounder within structured and safe Environment. Parents are suggested to fill the form in all the good Schools. Check the websites, Google reviews, results and awards. Check out our list of Top 10 Schools in East Delhi

Fill out as many Admission forms as possible, Get admission Confirmed in any good school in 1st List if your child’s name is not in your desired school without thinking about Refund of fees and then wait for 2nd & 3rd List of your Desired school.

Wishing you all the best and Good Luck in Choosing the Perfect school for your child


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